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Fees & Payment Information

Please know that is the client’s responsibility to investigate what coverage they have for therapy services as OHIP does not cover psychotherapy in Ontario.  It is strongly advised that clients do this in advance of starting therapy, if participation in psychotherapy is dependent on coverage.


Please review the following information which may be useful:

Our services are provided by a Registered Psychotherapist, (R.P.) as opposed to a Social Worker or Registered Psychologist.  The designated title can make a difference in coverage options so please check carefully.


When you contact the insurance company, please ensure you ask them these additional questions:

~ What is my coverage amount?

~ Is that amount per person?

~ Is the coverage per calendar year?

~ Do I require a doctor’s note?


Every insurance company and policy is different, and privacy policies do not allow therapists access to this information.

Our fee structure is set in accordance with the guidelines of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) . We provide signed receipts for insurance reimbursement. To book and view a full list of services and fees please visit www.blueberrytherapy.ca.

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