Perinatal & Infant Loss

The loss of a baby during pregnancy, birth or the postpartum period may be one of the most devastating experiences a woman and her family can experience. We are here to support you and your loved ones during this time of grief and mourning.  


With honesty, respect and compassion we work with women who have experienced perinatal loss by miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death.  We offer a quiet, safe and respectful place to grieve for your baby and the lost dreams and expectations that come with the perinatal journey.


We will serve as a gentle guide, to be fully present and to walk alongside you as you begin to process your experience and sorrow.

Perinatal bereavement can involve so many emotions including shock, profound sadness, depressed mood, anger, irritability, hyper-vigilance  anxiety, guilt, changes in eating and sleeping patterns and dysregulation.  We will provide steady support and a comforting holding place to experience and better understand the natural responses that are expressed when we have lost something precious and sacred.

When women and their families have experienced perinatal loss, welcoming another pregnancy or baby can bring joy and grief as we navigate this complex and emotional path.  We have resources to help. 


We will support you with the effects that perinatal loss can have on partners and siblings as you begin the process of family healing. We can connect you with supportive groups and communities for bereaved parents who can offer strength, love and guidance during this difficult time. 


Along with emotional support, we can offer you advocacy, if needed, with system navigation, the creating of rituals and ceremonial passages.


We are trained in, and attuned to, perinatal loss.

We are here to walk this path with you.