Decision Making

As women, we carry the heavy emotional load of making complex and difficult decisions about how to serve and honour our bodies in a way that feels right and safe.  We support women throughout the family planning process, who are in deep contemplation and long for a safe place to be heard, explore options and to softly land.

Pregnancy Termination: Elective and Therapeutic Abortion

Perhaps you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and need to make a time-sensitive decision around whether you will continue with the pregnancy or explore other options. 


Perhaps you have been delivered test results that your baby is showing signs of fetal anomalies and are forced to make an impossible decision. 

Perhaps you have had an elective abortion recently or in the past and wish to process some of the emotions around this experience.  It is so critical to remember that the most important person in the process of decision-making for an unplanned pregnancy is you.  While others are important and influential, it is your needs that must be explored, understood and attended to.  We are here for you. 


Parenthood Indecision 

Whether to remain child-free by choice is an increasingly common question many of us are daring to ask. It is daring because we will likely experience some degree of internal or external pressures and stigma during this contemplation.  We are here for you. 

Female Fertility

When considering embarking on a fertility journey that may include IVF, adoption or surrogacy we need strong support circles. Infertility journeys can bring sadness, anxiety, irritability, loneliness, stress, and frustration and can be impactful on self, intimacy and relationships.

We are here for you. 

Women are regularly exposed to intense social criticism, judgement, and standards of perfection. We are here to walk alongside you during these sensitive, multifaceted and sometimes confusing decisions with compassion and objectivity. 

We will offer you solid support and guidance in the wide range of emotions through structured decision making models and supports designed to uncover and reflect what is true for you.  Our non-denominational, non-judgemental and women-centred approach welcomes all of your emotions, questions, considerations and secrets.  Your safety and privacy is our top priority, you can explore your questions with us in a way that will feel comfortable and supported.