Women's Wellness

Women have unique health care needs and deserve access to specialized services and care.  I offer women a warm, accepting and non-judgmental space to receive therapeutic support using a strength - based approach.  Using a integrative blend of evidence-based  clinical interventions and models we will identify your needs, explore possibilities and work together to find practical ways of coping and relating so you can move forward in the direction that feels right for you.

Using an acceptance-based frame we can blend elements of CBT, mindfulness and compassion to support established needs and goals.  For many women, this integrative clinical approach which blends cognitive with body-based interventions offers an effective treatment plan.   

Maternal/Perinatal Mental Health

Designed for moms-to-be, new moms, moms who have lost, seasoned moms and golden moms, across the reproductive lifespan, my gentle approach offers room for mothers to be heard, understood and validated.  This can open the space for emotions and unhelpful thoughts to be expressed and processed so that you can return to your families and lives with a greater sense of balance. I hold space for you while we work through emotional blocks moving closer to your preferred future.


I hold a clinical specialization and advanced professional training in supporting the perinatal population and have partnered with local midwifery clinics, doulas and hospitals to build a circle of compassionate care. I speak with moms' groups across our community (see Events tab) on topics including postpartum anxiety & depression, PMDD, traumatic birth, fertility and grief and loss. I have trained with Maternal Mental Health Now and Postpartum Support International and I am recognized as a provider of perinatal mental health care by these special organizations.

Parents & Caregivers

 Parenting and caregiving is an intense and complex commitment full of joy, sorrow, excitement and anxiety. The responsibility of caring for and meeting the needs of a dependent, is enormous and we don't have to navigate this pathway alone.  Together we will find the parenting plan, style and approach that works best for you and your family.


In exploring core values, work-life demands and family goals, I help new parents and parents-to-be build strong foundations for communication and shared parenting planning and responsibilities. We will learn about childhood development both physical and emotional. We will learn what's going on in your little one's brain driving their words and actions. Recognizing that all behaviour is communication allows us to build specific workable action plans for peace and harmony in the home. 


All strategies are highly practical and individualized, fitting into your schedule and family life.  I bring my personal and professional experience as a teacher, counsellor, educational therapist and mom of three to support you in your parenting journey.  I offer gentle guidance and hands on tools that you can put into practice immediately with your children. I have trained in the Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) model and use this clinical approach supporting parents and caregivers to work through emotion "blocks" and other interventions designed to help you connect more deeply with your children.  

Teachers & Educators

Every teacher is well familiar with the demands and intensity of this noble profession.  As class sizes grow, student needs become more complex.  Teachers today face increased expectations, expanding roles and unprecedented levels of responsibility. Without health and wellness protection, teachers are vulnerable to unique mental health risks.  As teachers care for their students every day, they too need to be cared for in a sensitive and empathic way. Despite the modern challenges of the teaching profession, educators can remain proactive in taking steps toward wellness that can manage teacher fatigue and prevent disabling stress and burnout.

I understand the pressures of the teaching profession in trying to meet the complex psycho, social and educational needs of students and families.  In our sessions, I am committed to ensuring you truly feel "felt" and supported in a way that is grounded in respect and solidarity.  As a Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Teacher I offer my teacher clients a wellness pathway that blends support with gentle guidance. As a certified and experienced teacher, Learning Centre owner, partner of an elementary school teacher and mom of three, I have a deep understanding of the special complexities and overlapping worlds of the home and the classroom. I regularly support teachers in cultivating wellness goals and bringing your best self to your classroom and your career every day. Public school teachers are covered for psychotherapy as part of their insurance benefits plan.

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