Clinical Consultation Services

Therapists need therapists.  To thrive in this work, we need to have consistent support, diligent self-care, and strong relationships with our colleagues.  We want and need to share the joys, sorrows and surprises of what we are witnessing with other professionals who understand.  We need to lean on each other when the work is heavy and to know we are connected, even when working in isolation. 

We do not have to walk this path alone.


Whether you are new to the field or making changes to your practice, we will support you with your tough cases, lingering questions, fears and doubts, personal development and be a part of your support circle.  We value and promote lifelong learning at our practice and love to collaborate with students, fully registered therapists and like-minded professionals.  Our area of speciality is in supporting women's wellness, perinatal mental health, psychotherapy and teacher education.


Ready to build your circle of professional support?  Simply message us to get started. 


Regular clinical rates apply.

Image by Gabrielle Henderson


We are now accepting applications for one (Ontario) virtual internship placement beginning May, 2022. Must have passion and willingness to train in perinatal mental health and women's wellness.


To be considered, please forward C.V. with cover letter to:

Cree Lambeck