Teachers & Educators

Every teacher is well familiar with the demands and intensity of this noble profession.  As class sizes grow, student needs become more complex.  Teachers today face increased expectations, expanding roles and unprecedented levels of responsibility. Without health and wellness protection, teachers are vulnerable to unique mental health risks.  As teachers care for their students every day, they too need to be cared for in a sensitive and empathic way. Despite the modern challenges of the teaching profession, educators can remain proactive in taking steps toward wellness that can manage teacher fatigue and prevent disabling stress and burnout.

We understand the pressures of the teaching profession in trying to meet the complex psycho, social and educational needs of students and families.  In our sessions, we are committed to ensuring you truly feel "felt" and supported in a way that is grounded in respect and solidarity.  As a Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Teacher Cree offers her teacher clients a wellness pathway that blends support with gentle guidance. As a certified and experienced teacher, Learning Centre owner, partner of an elementary school teacher and mom of three, Cree has a deep understanding of the special complexities and overlapping worlds of the home and the classroom. Cree regularly supports teachers in cultivating wellness goals and bringing your best self to your classroom and your career every day. Public school teachers are covered for psychotherapy as part of their insurance benefits plan.