Vanessa Hazelwood, BHSc., M.A., OAMHP, RP(Q) 

Associate Counsellor, Cherry Tree Counselling

Hi, I’m Vanessa. 

I am a mental health counsellor and member of the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals. It is my sincere privilege to work with individuals and couples in the counselling field. For as long as I can remember, supporting, helping, and empowering others toward wellness have been my calling. 

Serving clients in the mental health field for over 7 years, I have worked with clients from various backgrounds, walks of life, ages, abilities and so forth, and have experience working with a range of presenting concerns. 

I am particularly passionate about working with women and couples through premenstrual dysphoric disorder, conception, pregnancy and postpartum. In couples therapy, I enjoy helping couples work through challenges with communication, conflict, codependency, intimacy, as well as balancing roles and responsibilities. I have a special interest in helping clients understand one another's needs more deeply, establish healthy boundaries, and heal from past experiences that create challenges or barriers in relationships with ourselves and others.


Education: I have an undergraduate degree majoring in Psychology and Health Sciences, as I am interested in the mind-body connection and view mental-emotional-and social wellness as imperative to our overall health.


I built upon this education with a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology and further clinical skills training. I bring a combination of education, professional and personal experience to my role as a mental health counsellor.  

Working with me: I am committed to offering safe, inclusive, and respectful services. Within a warm, trusting professional relationship, I take a collaborative approach to the counselling process and draw from a variety of evidence-based approaches while tailoring service to meet client-specific needs, and goals. 

My approach builds upon client's strength, while helping clients develop a sense of self-compassion and self-care as we process thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I also assist with problem-solving and strategizing, as well helping clients develop healthier behaviours and coping skills. 

Outside of counselling: I enjoy spending time with my partner and our three children (a one-year-old, kindergartener and a high-schooler). We like baking and crafting, spending time in nature, swimming and hockey. 

Vanessa Hazelwood 


Associate Counsellor

Cherry Tree Counselling