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She believed she could, so she did. ~ R.S. Gray

"She believed she could, so she did." ~ R.S. Grey
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Women have unique health care needs and need access to quality care.  This is especially true with regard to maternal mental health and additional women - specific concerns.  I strive to offer women a warm, accepting and non-judgmental space to receive therapeutic services using an evidence and  strength - based approach. 


I have a special interest and advanced professional training in supporting mothers and mothers-to-be and have partnered with local midwifery clinics, doulas and hospitals to provide a circle of compassionate clinical care. My heart-centred approach offers room for mothers to be heard, understood and validated.  This can open the space for emotions and unhelpful thoughts to be expressed and processed so that women can return to their families rediscovering and deepening personal and collective connections. Please see my Resources page for additional links.

Some concerns I can support you with include:

~ Maternal mental health (infertility, perinatal, pregnancy, third-party reproduction, postpartum depression, pregnancy loss,

   PMDD, pelvic pain, traumatic birth, fertility)

~ Grief & loss

~ Anxiety & mood

~ Love & relationships

~ Self-esteem, self-development, assertiveness

~ Girls,teens,youth and transitions

~ Educational, academic, special needs

~ Empowerment, asswertiveness & well-being

~ Sexual violence & coping with traumatic experiences

~ LGBTQ+, gender identity

~ Sexuality & sexual health

~ Body image

~ Self-esteem & self-development

~ Parenting, motherhood, new moms, moms-to-be

~ Stress

~ Retirement & aging

~ Health & wellness

New moms are welcome to bring their babes in arms to our sessions. 

Supportive counselling for pregnancy axiety, mood and related concerns.
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