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Welcome to Cherry Tree Counselling & Psychotherapy Services, a special space created for women who are looking to optimize their emotional health and wellness.  In today's busy and fast paced world it can be hard to find and activate the services we need which can feel frustrating and isolating.  We don't have to walk this path alone.  The sisterhood and motherhood are powerful communities that can lift us up, keep us going and bring joy to our journey.

As therapists, teachers and mothers, our team is deeply familiar with the day to day juggle that comes with managing parenting, family, work and wellness.  Over the years, we have heId space for so many who have shared their stories of not receiving the kind of support they needed when they were struggling.  Cherry Tree Counselling was created for, and is dedicated to these women. Since 2017, through a unique specialization in women's wellness and maternal/perinatal mental health and a focus on community building, our intention has always been to expand the availability of resources and supports for our population.


Working with a therapist on our team is about identifying your needs, exploring issues of concern, processing blocks and strengthening resilience.  Our therapists use an integrated blend of evidence-based therapy models that are designed to get to the heart of the issues that hold us back so that you can enjoy a strong and positive relationship with yourself and with those around you.

We will work together to understand and honour your experiences in a hopeful and empowering way that reflects your core values.  You will gain insights into your personality, cycles and patterns, coming away with therapeutic insights and tools you can put into practice right away.  We offer you a space to tell your story, process your pain and to slow down, emerging with a greater sense of emotional strength & balance.

If this sounds like the style of therapy you are looking for, we invite you to browse these pages for a full list of our services and delivery models.  When you are ready, head over to the Get Started tab to take the first steps on your therapeutic journey toward improved health & wellness.

We look forward to welcoming you.




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